Embroidered Patches

No matter if they’re for a business, sports team, or music group, patches are a great way to represent your own custom message or logo. Patches are easy to attach and are an ideal way to share your custom design with the world.

Many organizations like to be embroidered their patch because this is still the most durable, cheapest and most flexible type of cloth labeling. The making of an embroidery patch is sometimes very complicated and time-consuming. Usually companies preferred to embroider patches on T-shirts, shirts or jackets.

Our Recent Projects

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Sports associations, for example, embroider a patch to their jerseys and these use the same on t-shirts and baseball caps. Even for bands or orchestra, it makes sense, because this can then be applied to fabrics such as shirts, polo shirts or jackets. For further queries or requests as you can embroider your patch, please contact us personally we love to advice you and we look forward to your message.